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License Upgrades and Volume Extensions

The Upgrade section of our online store provides an instant way to upgrade an existing platform-specific Viscosity license to a cross-platform license, as well as add additional seats to an existing volume license.

Extensions To Existing Volume Licenses

The Upgrade section allows additional seats to be purchased for an existing volume license. This enables additional seats to be added to an existing volume serial number without the need to use a new or additional serial number.

The upgrade section automatically calculates a volume discount based on your number of existing seats and the number of additional seats being purchased. There is a 5-seat extension minimum, and it's not possible to add seats to a single-user serial number. An invoice for an extension can be downloaded from the View Invoice page after upgrading.

If you are an eligible educational institution please contact us with your existing license details for discounted extension pricing.

Upgrading Single Platform Licenses to Cross-Platform

The Upgrade section also allows a single-platform license to be upgraded to a cross-platform license. The upgrade fee is charged at a discounted rate, so this is more cost-effective option than purchasing an additional single-platform license. Both single-user and volume-licenses can be upgraded.

An invoice for an extension can be downloaded from the View Invoice page after upgrading.

Merging or Combining Serial Numbers

Combining multiple serial numbers into a single new volume-serial number is sadly not supported at this time.

The recommended alternative is to select an existing or new volume license, and use the Upgrade section to extend this as needed to maintain a singe serial number for additional users going forward.

We understand managing a large number of single-user licenses in an enterprise setting can be frustrating, and so we're working towards bringing an optional feature to a future version of Viscosity than can be enabled for easier management of these licenses. In the meantime management tools such as SCCM or Jamf/Casper can be used to ease license allocation and usage in an enterprise environment.

Further Information

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.