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License Types

When purchasing Viscosity in the online store, if a quantity of 2 or more licenses is entered, a Serial Delivery option will appear. This option controls the type of serial number that will be delivered for the licenses purchased.

Please be aware this option will not impact the number of users or machines that your license can be used for, it only changes the format of the serial number for the purchase. For more information, please see Using Your License On Multiple Computers.

Single Volume Serial

Selecting the Single Volume Serial option will result in a single serial number that can be used for multiple machines or users (referred to as "seats"). For example, if ordering 10 copies of Viscosity, you will receive a single serial number that can be used for up to 10 seats.

Single Volume Serial licenses can also be extended at a later date, allowing you to continue to use the same serial if you need to purchase more seats. Please see License Upgrades and Volume Extensions for more information

Individual Serials

Selecting the individual serial option will result in multiple serial numbers being issued; a single individual serial number per copy purchased. For example, if ordering 10 copies of Viscosity, you will receive 10 unique serial numbers.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Serial Delivery option is presented to allow you to select your preferred method of delivery to end users. In most enterprise environments, the Single Volume Serial option is preferred, as it allows Viscosity to be easily integrated into imaged/managed environments. Using Viscosity's bundling process (Mac here, Windows here) is also much simpler with a single serial number.

The Individual Serial option may be preferred if opting to issue each user with their own unique serial number. This may be desired to make it easier to keep track of allocated copies if disclosing company-wide license information to users (who would enter the license details themselves) is undesirable, or simply for personal preference. It may be harder to keep track of what serials are in use though, as it cannot be determined what serial number Viscosity is registered with.

If in doubt we generally recommend the volume serial option to be selected as it offers the most flexibility.