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SparkLabs is a small, independent company that creates powerful software for desktop and mobile. We were founded in early 2008 and we've been working on designing and developing beautiful software ever since.

We strive to bring powerful computing technologies to all users through apps with beautiful intuitive designs and robust code development. We focus heavily on network security and user privacy. SparkLabs specializes in making attractive, functional, and easy to use software. We primarily focus on developing commercial software, however you're welcome to contact us if you have a project you'd think we'd be interested in.

We're based in sunny Australia, with staff also in the USA.

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SparkLabs consists of a talented team of designers and developers, all who have an extensive software development, networking, and security backgrounds. While most of our staff are based in Bathurst, Australia, we also have staff based in California, USA.

We occasionally get asked if we are hiring. While we are not currently advertising any specific positions, we are always looking for talented developers and designers. If you think you have what it takes, please feel free to get in touch with us!

Business Model

We at SparkLabs take pride in developing software that our users love. We believe that high quality software is just part of the equation for developing great apps: operating under a sustainable business model that respects our customers is just as important.

SparkLabs is entirely funded by sales of our software: this means we only answer to you, our customer. We've never taken outside investment, nor do our apps use disreputable monetisation or ad-supported revenue models. Because of this you know we'll always focus on providing the best user experience with our software and placing a strong emphasis on user security and privacy.

Each app you buy helps us develop a great user experience and develop new features, while also helping to ensure we can keep doing what we love.

Our Apps

Each day our world becomes more connected thanks to the power of computer networking. However modern networks are incredibly complex, and maintaining the security and privacy of your data in such an environment can be highly demanding. Our mission at SparkLabs is to develop software that helps harness this power in an intuitive way for all skill levels.

Viscosity, released in 2008, is our premier VPN client. Viscosity aims to bring the security of Virtual Private Networks to all users. It allows users new to VPNs to easily get started, while allowing power users and IT professions easy and intuitive access to the power of VPNs.

We are always working on new features and apps, so please keep an eye on our Blog for the latest news.


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We at SparkLabs strive to be as open and transparent as possible. If you have any questions for us, or require more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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SparkLabs Pty Ltd
PO Box 841
Bathurst, NSW, 2795


  • ABN: 79154607682
  • VAT: EU372034768