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Viscosity For Mac: Version 1.10.7

Viscosity version 1.10.7 is now available for macOS! This update is a small maintenance release with bug fixes and minor enhancements to keep Viscosity running smoothly.

In particular, this version fixes a number of DNS related issues that could cause domains to fail to resolve with certain upstream DNS servers, as well as an issue that could cause DNS settings to remain after a VPN connection is disconnected (typically resulting in DNS lookups to fail).

This update also resolves some issues that could cause reachability checks to fail shortly after connecting or when a macOS routing change occurs, resulting in the associated VPN connection being disconnected.

Version 1.10.7 Mac Release Notes:

Resolves issue where VPN DNS settings may remain after disconnect
Resolves issue where a TCP reachability check may fail after connecting
Resolves issue where a reachability check may fail during a routing change
Resolves issue where DNS lookups to certain DNS servers could fail
Resolves rare helper crash that could be caused by an invalid local DNS lookup
Various bug fixes and enhancements

The 1.10.7 update can be automatically installed from inside Viscosity, or downloaded and manually installed. For support with this version please visit our support section.