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After remote update backgroud service not installed

Posted: Wed Jan 22, 2020 8:26 pm
by nsumner
I updated (for the first time I might add) Viscosity remotely for a bunch of laptops using PDQ Deploy. I used the install for 1.8.4 and set the switches /VERYSILENT /CLOSEAPPLICATIONS. In some cases the update worked without a problem, in other cases the user gets the error Viscosity has detected that its background service is not currently running.... But the service doesn't even exist.

Users do not have admin rights. How can I remote update their devices without breaking things?

Re: After remote update backgroud service not installed

Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 9:09 am
by Eric
Hi nsumner,

Please use the /SP- command with the installer as well as it can prevent some issues like this.

However, we have seen issues in the past where some package managers/deployers simply will not allow the installation of drivers and services by default, I'm afraid we don't know why. I'm also afraid I'm not familiar with PDQ.

Assuming the service has been correctly copied to disk, you may need to install the service yourself via a script in your deployment process. This can be done with:

(Note this is currently being done and may not be supported from a user-less process like a deployer)
"C:\Program Files\Viscosity\ViscosityService.exe" --installstart


sc.exe create ViscosityService "C:\Program Files\Viscosity\ViscosityService.exe"
sc.exe start ViscosityService

We also don't recommend using the /CLOSEAPPLICATIONS tag if it can be helped. If Viscosity is in use when you use it, it can take a while to close down the connection correctly which installers will terminate the process instead of wait and can cause the PC to be put in a bad state network wise or prevent files from being copied.