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Feedback Forum

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2008 10:36 pm
by James
Welcome to the feedback forum for Viscosity.

Please feel free to post any suggestions, requests, comments, or constructive criticisms in this forum. We greatly appreciate all feedback we receive!

To help combat spam, your first post to the forums will need to be manually approved by a staff member before it is publicly viewable. Once approved, all further posts will appear publicly immediately.

These forums are designed to facilitate genuine requests for help and support, feedback, and discussion. We strive to maintain a friendly and supportive atmosphere, and we ask that all posters do as well. These forums are not designed to be a "bastion of free speech": posts that don't adhere to these goals will be edited or removed. This includes posts that are spam, abusive, include misleading statements or misinformation, unconstructive, or off-topic.