Disconnecting after 5 Minutes

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Post by nejec » Fri Jun 10, 2022 4:55 am

I am experiencing quite the same issue but it is related to OpenVPN server route being pushed through the tunnel:
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2022-06-09 20:36:51: /sbin/route add -net A.B.C.E
2022-06-09 20:36:52: Testing address: A.B.C.D Route points into VPN network
2022-06-09 20:36:52: Route: A.B.C.E/ utun10
2022-06-09 20:36:52: Disconnecting connection as it is no longer reachable
The official response to this was:
This error indicates that the external IP address of the VPN server is being routed into the VPN tunnel itself. This results in a non-functioning VPN connection. The reason for this seems to be as there is a route for the VPN connection: if this is being set by the VPN connection itself it is *not* recommended.
I am aware of this however I do not control, which routes are pushed through the configuration. Is there a way to avoid the disconnection?

Thank you in advance, br, Jernej


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Post by James » Fri Jun 10, 2022 5:42 am
Hi Jernej,

I've split your post into its own topic, as the parent topic was quite old.

We would need to see what routes are being set by the OpenVPN server, and what (if any) routes are being set locally to see what the cause is. If it is caused by a route (such as a default route) being pushed by the server, then it is possible to ignore this route in Viscosity.

We'll need more detailed information to make a recommendation. Please supply the details requested in the following article. You may prefer not to post these details on a public forum, so please feel free to email them to our support email address instead.
https://www.sparklabs.com/support/kb/ar ... ort-staff/

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