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Can the service order of Viscosity be adjusted for playing games?

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 7:35 am
by ironladybugfresh
Scenario: I host a home VPN for friends and I to play multiplayer LAN games. The VPN is only used for game data traffic. All other traffic like WWW or e-mail or Teamspeak is through each person's own Internet connection. Thus, each client has a VPN interface and a second interface to their Internet WAN.

Some games which use a "lobby" style of match finding don't work when the VPN interface has lower service order priority than the Internet WAN interface. The game looks for other games on the first network interface only. If VPN is not first in the service order, games to do search it for other games.

Can the service order of Viscosity be raised to be the top interface so that games will correctly search the VPN for other games?

Re: Can the service order of Viscosity be adjusted for playing games?

Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 1:57 am
by James
Hi ironladybugfresh,

Setting the DNS Mode to "Full" for the connection should achieve this, however many games identify the primary broadcast interface by the default route (in which case you'll send to have all traffic being routed through the VPN connection).

If you haven't already tried it, sometimes it's also worth using a bridged/TAP VPN setup for games with a LAN mode. Many games will use all available network interfaces that have a Broadcast address set (which TAP interfaces will), however typically point-to-point routed/TUN interfaces (the common OpenVPN setup) do not.