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Viscosity. OpenVPN Client For Mac & Windows
Free for 30 days. Mac & Win.    Instant and secure. 




Choose Your Version

Please find older versions of Viscosity below for Operating Systems that are no longer supported by the latest version. Please be aware that these versions are no longer supported, and so may contain compatibility issues and/or security vulnerabilities. Cross-platform licenses cannot be used with legacy versions. Technical support is unavailable for these versions. Users are encouraged to update their Operating System to the latest version.

Operating System Download
Mac OS 10.5 Viscosity 1.4.10
Mac OS 10.6 Viscosity 1.4.10
Mac OS 10.7 Viscosity 1.5.11
Mac OS 10.8+ Visit Download Page
Windows XP Viscosity 1.5.10
Windows Vista+ Visit Download Page

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