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Extensions To Existing Volume Licenses

Additional seats can be purchased and added to an existing volume license. Pricing details and further information for this process can be found below.


Volume extensions are priced at the standard Viscosity volume license rate. The platform-specific rate has been included below. Please be aware that the pricing for cross-platform extensions differs.

10+ Seats: $7 each (22% discount)
20+ Seats: $6 each (33% discount)
50+ Seats: $5 each (44% discount)
100+ Seats: $4 each (56% discount)
200+ Seats: $3 each (66% discount)

Please be aware that as extensions must be manually processed the minimum extension amount is 10-seats (this is the combined total for Mac/Win platforms). For smaller volumes we recommend a second license is purchased through the online store.

Extensions take into account your existing number of seats when applying the volume discount. For example, if you already have 60 seats, and are extending your license by an additional 40 seats, you will receive the 56% discount rate for the additional seats.

If you are an educational institution please contact us for the applicable pricing.

Serial Number Use

If you have a single volume serial number, an extension allows you to continue to use this existing serial number for the additional seats. If you have individual serial numbers the additional seats will also be issued as new individual serial numbers.

After payment you'll automatically be issued with a new serial number/s for your new seat total. In the case of volume serial numbers the previous serial number will continue to work and can be used for the additional seats instead (both serial numbers will be linked against the same license). You can opt to continue using your existing serial number, or the new one, however using a combination of both is not recommended.

The license registration details can be optionally changed as part of the extension, however please note that this will result in your old serial number/s expiring. All existing users will then need to register their copy of Viscosity using the new license details.

Purchasing An Extension

To request an extension please simply send an email to our support address requesting an extension along with the following details:

  • Your existing license details
  • The number of seats you would like to extend your license by and the platform (Mac/Windows) breakdown of these seats.
  • The name and address details to use on the invoice (if they differ from those used for the original purchase)

We'll get back to you with an electronic invoice that can be paid for online via credit card or PayPal. A license email will be automatically sent out confirming the extension at the time of payment. Other payment methods can be arranged by request.

Further Information

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.