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Displaying Growl Notifications

Viscosity supports Growl, which is a notification service for Mac OS X. Growl displays highly customisable notifications for any application that supports Growl. Viscosity will send Growl notifications when a VPN connection connects or becomes disconnected.

Installing Growl

Growl must be present on the computer Viscosity is running on for notifications to be displayed. Some applications (such as Adium) may have already installed Growl for you. If not, you can download and install Growl from

Displaying Notifications

If Growl is present Viscosity will automatically display Growl notifications when a VPN connections connects, reconnects, or disconnects (either manually or due to a dropout).

If desired, you can selectively enable/disable any of Viscosity's notifications, customise the appearance of each notification, or play sounds for notifications, using the Growl System Preferences panel. You can edit these settings like so:

  1. From the Apple menu in the top left hand corner of the screen select "System Preferences..."
  2. Click on the Growl icon in the System Preferences window

  3. Click on the Applications tab
  4. Select Viscosity from the list and click the "Configure..." button
  5. Click on the Notifications tab
  6. Adjust notification settings as desired

If Viscosity does not appear in the application list, try quitting and re-opening Viscosity. You should also ensure you are using the latest version of Growl from the Growl website.