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Community Contributions

We occasionally get asked whether we support other Open Source projects and the technology community in general. We're proud to say that we do: SparkLabs make a variety of contributions to Open Source projects in many different categories.

As well as releasing open source projects of our own, we also contribute source code and knowledge to a number of other projects. Below is a list of some of the contributions we have made. Please note that this is a non-exhaustive list: you'll find further discussion and changes in project mailing lists and bug/issue tracking systems.

SparkLabs GitHub

On our GitHub page you can find a variety of projects, tools and examples we make available, as well as many different forks for projects we are actively participating in. In particular:



  • Add support for setting the default IPv6 gateway for routes using the route-ipv6-gateway option: Patch
  • Restore functionality of route-gateway's dhcp parameter: Patch
  • Resolves small IV_GUI_VER typo in the documentation: Patch
  • Support client reason from auth plugin: Patch
  • CDN Discussion: Discussion
  • Patch tap-windows6 to report as 1Gbps: PR // Discussion
  • Fix Building Using MSVC: Patch
  • Mac OS X keychain support: Discussion
  • Fix socket-flag/TCP_NODELAY on Mac OS X: Patch


  • Optimise Scanner performance: PR


  • Conform Decimal to ReflectionDecodable: PR
  • Support Decimal Column Type: PR
  • Adds double to data converter in TemplateData: PR
  • wkhtmltopdf bug fixes: PR
  • Leaf body detection: PR