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Viscosity service has very high cpu load

Hello there,

I am very happy with viscosity. But recently I had recurring problems with the viscosity background service.

Every few days, the service uses more and more cpu, up to the point where the system is nearly non-responsive.
I can kill the process und restart viscosity and all connections, but this in very inconventient.

The system is running thoughout the work-week and I keep 1-2 connections open to my servers. But this should be no problem per se, and I did this without problems with other vpn clients.

I could not find anything like that in your support pages or with google.

Is there anything I can do? Is this an known issue?

Hi Gali,

There is no known issue like this, very strange. Are you able to let us know the version of Viscosity, .NET and Windows you are using? These are both printed out in the log when you first connect for an easy place to find them.

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