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Windows 8.1/10 BSOD after connection is successfully initiat

Hi, i have the following problem at some customer pcs.
The machines BSOD in the moment i want to use the connection.
The VPN connection is successfully initiated as far as i can see.
In the moment i open an URL to a remote Webserver it crashes the machine.
I testet on Chrome and Firefox and on different remote server and different websites.
The result is all the same.
This happened at the third installation in two days on different machines .
So I would not blame it to a faulty Windows installation.

What info do you need to investigate the problem?
I can provide info on client and server side or run some tests.
But im not sure what you need.

Hi Daniel,

Please check the event viewer for information relating to the blue screen. Please also pull any information displayed on the screen while the blue screen collects memory.

This is most likely caused by a faulty or old driver installed on these machines, the following thread displays the scenario you might be experiencing - viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1172&hilit=bsod

As a first step, please ensure all Windows updates are installed and the latest drivers from the manufacturer are installed.

Hi Eric,

thanks for the reply.

i updated the drivers of one Win8 machine.
Unfortunately it crashed again.
(I could not see the crash screen because i had only remote access)

There are errors in the event logs, but im not sure what the problem is or if those errors are conected to Viscosity .
I have a memory dump and the event log here:
Maybe you find the time to look into it.
Hi Daniel,

We will take a look if we can get some time, those dumps do take a fair amount of time to go through. Unfortunately though, I can only guess there is a conflict or something is wrong and our recommendation will most likely be to install a clean copy of Windows on the machine to see if the problem persists.

It may also be worth booting into Safe Mode and see if the problem persists there.

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