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Split Tunneling - Virtual Machine

My PC is being used to run multiple virtual machines containing servers, however I also connect to VPNs (one for private browsing and one to access work) with my work VPN being necessary to access work servers.

Needless to say connecting to my VPNs prevents my VMs and their respective servers from being accessible (not to mention routing unnecessary traffic through work).

Is there a way for me to make just VMWare or just specific adapters (i.e. VMnet 8) excluded from the tunnel? I'm aware of split tunneling however it seems to want to be done on an IP basis which isn't going to work as just about any IP could connect to the servers not to mention that the server itself needs to be visible.
Hi RaymondLC92,

We're not exactly sure on your setup from your description, but we'll assume the following:

- You are connected to one or more VPNs on your host machine which route all traffic through them
- You have multiple guest VMs which should be accessible from outside your host machine. At the moment you have their accessibility setup via a NAT VMnet which you are most likely forwarding to from a router somewhere.

If this is correct, the easiest fix is to set the VMnet to bridged so the VMs pull real IP addresses from your network. This would make them directly accessible and should prevent any VPN on the host machine from interfering.

If your setup is different, you will need to give us a more specific layout on how everything is setup and what you are trying to do.

Thank you that worked perfectly.

I greatly appreciate your help.
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