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Post by ajd » Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:18 pm

A few of my users connect in via VPN and use the servers from their home desktop etc. totally fine, but when they RDP to their work desktop everything becomes slow and is a pain to use.

Is there something in the settings that I can change to fix this?

Let me know if there's any information / logs you need and how to get them (I am new using this software).



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Post by Eric » Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:00 pm
Hi Andrew,

Unfortunately logs aren't much use here, it's a matter of tinkering with settings and trying to see if you can get traffic moving a bit faster.

It is important to note though, RDP is EXTREMELY network intensive. Connecting to RDP servers over a 10mbit Internet connection without any form of encryption or VPN tunnel, at least to me, is rather slow. The problem will go up several fold with a few users connected especially if they're connecting to a single OpenVPN or RDP server, as the traffic will make the connection quite congested.

From a pure OpenVPN point of view, the easiest thing to play with the MTU value of the VPN connection. Lowering or raising it may help the problem, say try adding 'tun-mtu 1400' to the Advanced section of a users connection, or pushing it from the server as a trial.

Other than this, there isn't a great deal to gain with tweaking the client, especially if multiple users are reporting problems. It's most likely going to be a bandwidth bottleneck of the server or a general server problem, but as above, it's most likely the fact that RDP over an ADSL connection isn't great from the get go. If you have a vendor for your VPN server/service, it would be a good idea to talk to them to see what they think. Some others in the community may also have an idea.


Eric Thorpe
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