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Viscosity not reconnecting on disconnect

Hey all,

Recently i've noticed my VPN will disconnect but Viscosity does not seem to reconnect, despite the option being selected. Is this a known issue or is there a fix?

Hi Zaeed,

This is a known issue and we are still working on a fix unfortunately.

In the mean time, to work around this, edit your connect, go to the Advanced tab and on a new line add the following:

remap-usr1 SIGTERM

Save your connection and reconnect. This will cause OpenVPN to terminate in the case of a drop out which Viscosity will correctly detect and then reconnect.


Just found it had disconnected again, even with that code added in.

Looking at the logs I see this:
Mar 17 21:34:07: FRAG TTL expired i=17
Mar 18 14:19:12: FRAG TTL expired i=2
Mar 18 14:19:12: FRAG TTL expired i=4
Mar 21 00:16:02: [Server-3089-3a] Inactivity timeout (--ping-restart), restarting
Mar 21 00:16:02: SIGTERM[soft,ping-restart] received, process exiting
Mar 21 00:16:02: State changed to Disconnected

Any thoughts as to what is going on?
Hi Zaeed,

We believe we have resolved the bug in the latest beta, please give it a go, you can remove the remap-usr1 command using it - ... -versions/

If you would like to address the dropouts, please see the following - ... g-restart/

Hi, I am having the same issue running the beta7.
Hi doffactory,

Could you please post a complete copy of your log - ... envpn-log/

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