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Feature Request: Display certificate expiration date

We use Viscosity with x509 certificates. The enduser installs their configuration via a Viscosity bundle. They sometimes have multiple configurations/certificates for various devices and mess around with them, and there doesn't seem to be an option to view the expiration date or serial of the certificate in Viscosity.

Such functionality would be great.
Hi danielmanser,

Thanks for the constructive feedback - we do have some plans re certificate management in the works. We'll take your feedback on board.

I'd just like to add my support for this feature. I came to the forum to post about this, and it's the first entry already :D

In my case, the certificate had expired and I had no idea why. On the server side the logs indicated the cert was expired, but nothing on the client side logs. It would be nice to have a prompt or even a passive icon/visual aid to show the certificate has expired.

Even better would be an indicator showing how many days until expiry (but only from say T-7 days remaining)

p.s. Viscosity is a great product, I recommend it to all my customers when they need remote access!
Hi ecornips,

Thanks for the feedback - it is something we have in the works!

Belated piling-on, since this has bitten us.

I'd really like to see something like 'Expired Certificate' instead of 'Disconnected' in the connections popup, so users know right away that they're in for a bad time.
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