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Suggestions for connection management


Really love the program - thanks very much!

I just had a couple of suggestions around connection management that you might want to consider. I use a VPN provider that provides a zipped folder full of .ovpn connection files and updates them periodically. To refresh the connections in Viscosity, it's not currently possible to select multiple connections and delete them (the - icon becomes disabled). Any change of enabling multi-delete?

When importing a connection with a name that already exists, the program creates a duplicate with a _n suffix. How about detecting if all of the details are the same and ignoring it rather than creating a duplicate? This would mean that I can just import the entire folder again to pick up newly added connections (rather than having to compare the two lists manually).

Finally, would it be possible to set a username and password for connections en masse? I have around 40 connections that all share the same credentials, so it would be good to just set the password once, rather than looking it up every time I use a new one.

Thanks for your time, and keep up the great work!

Hi Joel,

Thanks for the feedback - much appreciated. We will take in on board: design changes for better managing mass-connections all associated with a VPN Service Provider is something that we're working towards.

Thanks so much for implementing shared credentials for folders - that's just what I was after!

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