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Request: Auto-start of connection

firts of all wonderfull stable product.

Since I use it to reach a mail-server on the remote sites I would like to see something like: Auto-connect if attempt to connect to certain FQDNs like mail.mynet.local. Optionally by IP-Address. Would this be possible?

Hi loetmann,

It's actually something we've already worked on, however we haven't released anything yet at we're watching the patent troll environment warily after Apple lost a recent lawsuit over their "VPN on demand" feature, which is similar in some respects. We're considering including it in the next major update to Viscosity, but we'd want to be sure we're on solid footing before we release anything. The joys of software patent trolls!


I would really welcome automatic connection feature in the too.

James, you're mentioning lawsuit against Apple but this is something like VPN on Demand when accessing DNS name of internal resource. But what about some subnet, gw IP, ... triggers for automatic connection?

For example, if subnet of default adapter is network, then activate connection. Or when default gw is then don't activate connection.

Maybe such implementation could be o.k., even legally, because other VPN software developers have already deployed this function. And I hope that this could be enough for most of the Viscosity users.

Hi mgi,

Thanks for your feedback.

If you're after a simpler trigger for automatically starting a connection you may like to make use of Viscosity's scripting support in combination with a third party app. The following post lists some information in regards to the Mac version:

Hi James,

I'm not sure if using applications similar to MarcoPolo is the solution. Most of those apps are already old and unsupported or other are commercial. And to be honest, I would rather buy a (Open)VPN application which already supports triggers as some (to me) unknown app.

So I still think it would be the best to have the trigger implemented directly into the

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