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Checkpoint VPN firewall? Connection settings?


From what I have seen, Viscosity is awesome!!!

I really want to use Viscosity, but I am having problems getting it setup.

The company I work for uses Checkpoint VPN firewall... Does anyone have tips on setting for connecting to said firewall?

For example, how do I create all those certs and/or files to gain access?

Or, can I import the Checkpoint settings?

Any help you could send my way would be amazing!!!

Btw, I really love that Viscosity uses Growl. :)

Thanks a billion in advance!
Hi Micky,

Viscosity supports the OpenVPN protocol. To be able to connect to a Checkpoint VPN server using Viscosity it will also need to support OpenVPN. As far as I am aware by default the Checkpoint VPN servers use the IPSec protocol, rather than OpenVPN. You may be able to add OpenVPN support to the Checkpoint VPN server (I'm afraid I'm not familiar with their hardware), however if not it is unlikely Viscosity will be able to connect.

Viscosity will eventually be released with additional VPN protocol support, including IPSec, however I'm afraid the current version only supports OpenVPN.

Hi James!

Many thanks for the reply! I really really appreciate the help. :)

I will ask my network admin if we can add the OpenVPN protocol to our Firewall...

I am no fan of Checkpoint... The client has really crapped out on my computer (the tech support is non-existent).

I really hope I can setup Viscosity to connect! I love the Growl integration.

Viscosity seems so much more contemporary than all the other VPN apps out there.

Anyway, thanks again for the help!!!

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