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No CA/Weird error, cannot connect to OpenVPN?

Looks awfully expensive. I wouldn't be using the VPN most of the time so I would like a service that is like pay per 1GB/5GB bandwidth, etc.

If you have some experience with the command line, ssh, and OpenVPN config files, you might be able to set up your own OpenVPN server more cheaply. You'd need either a server of your own to use, or get your own VPS or dedicated server from a hosting company. However the cheapest I've seen for a VPS server is $5/month (, which is still more expensive than Witopia (coming in at $3.33/month). I'm not aware of any pay-per-bandwidth models, however you might find one out there.

Also another quick question: Is it safe to trust WiTopia/VPN vendors when using PayPal, gaming (with passwords), etc?

If you're after some interesting reading, see this article where WiTopia and HotSpotVPN discuss this very issue, and the follow up article.

The question is much the same as asking whether your ISP can be trusted - there is no definite answer. In most cases you should be fine, however obviously we can't vouch for these services as we don't run them.

From a personal perspective, the guys at WiTopia contacted us early on about Viscosity. The correspondence we had with them was good, and I so wouldn't have a problem running my sensitive data through them.

Thanks James, I have come to a conclusion that WiTopia is the one that is the cheapest and the one that seems the best.

Thanks again. :)
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