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Dark mode fixups? (Mojave)

Just wanted to know if any Mojave dark-mode fixes were in the works? There are a few small rough spots in the GUI

  • some of the menu icon choices have mask errors (clipped edges on either the top or right sides) -- e.g. "Leopard Gray".
  • when pulling down the Visc menu, the icon to the left of each connection will appear in bright white, but as you roll your mouse over them, it switches to a dark icon - just looks wrong
  • there's no dark mode at all in the app's main GUI
  • in dark mode the the text on the right hand side of the "details" popup window is too low contrast and very hard to read

Love Viscosity! and hope to see a few of these fixed in an upcoming version
Hi luckman212,

Thanks for the feedback - it's much appreciated. Some of these issues have been addressed in the current beta version of Viscosity, although there are still a few small issues we want to resolve before getting another full update out the door: ... -versions/

Sounds good! Much appreciated :)
Just came to say "thanks" for the new release with the dark mode fixes. Looks good! :D
One small nitpick... now when in "Light Mode" the menu doesn't appear correctly.

It shows up in a dark grey instead of white like the other menus. I believe this might be due to having the "Reduce Transparency" option enabled in Accessibility prefs, but still - it only affects Viscocity.

There's also a weird jumpy thing that the menu does while updating the traffic/usage -- as it goes from 0kb to 1kb+ the width of the menu will increase by about 20px or so causing it to jump to the left and then back. Hard to explain but if you hold the menu open for a few seconds while connected - you will hopefully see it.

If not I can capture a screen recording...
Hi luckman212,

You'll likely need to quit and re-open Viscosity when making light/dark mode changes in combination with the Accessibility Increase contrast and Reduce transparency. While Viscosity will react dynamically to light/dark mode changes, it doesn't to accessibility changes.

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