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Version 1.7.8 breaks OpenSC pkcs11 "detect" functionality

I was running version 1.7.7b2 -- pkcs11 "detect" functionality on my yubikey worked perfectly.

A coworker running 1.7.8 was unable to detect their yubikey.

I upgraded to 1.7.8 ... now it won't detect on my machine either.

Clicking "detect" just results in "No PKCS11 names detected"
Sorry, forgot to mention, this is on macOS 10.13.4

I have another coworker who is on macOS 10.13.3 + Viscosity 1.7.8 and there's no issue.

Seems to be an interplay between the two versions.
Hi salt_of_the_moon,

Thanks for the bug report - much appreciated. I can confirm we're able to replicate this - we'll have an updated 1.7.9 beta available in a couple of hours time that will fix this.

In the meantime the "Prompt for certificate name option" should still work correctly, and will detect available certificates at connection time (or the certificate name can be entered into the Name field manually).

Thanks James!

Looking forward to the beta. :)
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