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Send all traffic over VPN - DD-WRT

Although I have checked "Send all traffic over VPN" in Viscosity, when I get my IP from a site like it still shows my current location WAN IP rather than the remote VPN server WAN IP.

I read a few posts about "similar" issue, but none pertaining to DD-WRT. Was hard to follow for me.

Thanks for your help.

The remote router is a DD-WRT v3.0-r33986 std (12/04/17)
Viscosity 1.7.7
MacOS High Siera 10.13.3
Hi MistaP,

While the Send All Traffic option can be enabled in Viscosity's end, the OpenVPN server still needs to be configured to be able to handle all traffic. This typically consists of setting up NAT and adjusting firewall rules. Our guide below can be used as a starting point: ... viscosity/

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