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"Media Streaming" with Samsung TV / DNS


First off, thanks for a great product. I've been demoing Viscosity, and intend to purchase it soon.
Apologies if this question is somewhat outside of the scope of the product, but..
I've successfully installed an OpenVPN server (on RedHat in AWS) following your tutorial here, which is great as I already have an AWS environment set up and am comfortable with building Linux servers and configuring network rules etc.
I'm routing all internet traffic through it successfully.

With my previous subscription based VPN service (ExpressVPN), they offered a service called "Media Streamer", which allowed me to put a DNS address into the static IP settings of my Samsung TV, and stream US Netflix without using the actual VPN client itself.
However, when I try and put the DNS address of my OpenVPN (which is also a DNS server) server into my TV, it can't access the internet at all.
Is there some sort of open source proxying software that is required for this, in addition to OpenVPN?
Or am I missing a setting/route/configuration somehow on my server to allow this to work?

Many thanks.

From a VPN technology perspective you'd have to route all of your TV's traffic through a VPN connection to work around geo-blocking. It is possible to share a VPN connection - a few users have posted some guides on this forum. I'm afraid we have no experience working around DNS-based geo-blocking using other technologies.

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