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pushed DNS settings ignored

Hi all,

I just upgraded to 1.1.7beta2 (1428), and I have an issue. My server is configured with two "push DOMAIN" and one "push DNS" settings, and I configured Viscosity to use them.

Unfortunately the nameserver is not set. I can ping hosts on the other side of the connection using their IP address, but DNS resolving does not work. If I manually enter the DNS servers and domains it works.

It does also not work with either "automatic", "full" or "split" DNS settings when I don't do this. It *did* work before :) .

Any idea what I can do to make it work again? I intend to roll this out to my colleagues, and this not working would be a step back, not to say increase errors on the configuration side.

thanks in advance!


Hi Axel,

Your screenshot indicates that the "Ignore DNS settings sent by VPN server" option is enabled (the checkbox below the Domains field). Unchecking this will allow your VPN server's settings to be applied again.

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