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host, username, password... why so difficult in viscosity ??

You know that easy-ready-to-use recipes that works super-fine in windows and when you buy a product to simplify you life, you discover what viscosity really means...

In windows I go to network, add vpn, put host, put username and password, and tahdahh... connected.
I spent 3 hours trying to find the right answer for viscosity or openvpn or tunnelblick...

I installed SHIMO for osx and it did the trick. WHY ? WHY ? WHY ?

I still want to use VISCOSITY connect to my client using simple and unprotected and WORKABLE steps just like we do in windows or shimo.... PLEASE HELP !
Hi aoliveira,

Viscosity is an OpenVPN client. That is, it supports the OpenVPN protocol. The details you've been given are almost certainly for a different VPN protocol, most likely PPTP or L2TP: they cannot be used for an OpenVPN connection. For more information please see: ... tisopenvpn

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