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Connection Listing Wierdness (1.7b1-3)

I have a large number of connection ~40 (not in folders).

I am seeing a really odd thing in the latest betas. If I scroll quickly they seem to condense and also multiple connections will highlight and appear to be selected.

The connections I have organized into folders with only ~5 connection do not appear to have this issue
I am seeing the same effect.

(Can't post screenshot, can't see any option to upload an image) but some of the "condensed" entries padlock icon to their left have a bright background.

If I scroll slowly some entries in the list will remain highlighted as the list scrolls the entry up from under the mouse pointer, others wont (around slightly under half). Close-up the list (e.g. return to an app or something, then go back-in and the same entries are shown highlighted). It looks like in my case it is the padlock icon that is going weird as on checking all entries still appear there (though difficult to be 100% as there is weirdness going. Sometimes it looks like the highlighted lines the highlight stays in place (on the screen) and the list entries scroll underneath it (seems to happen when you get into the 2nd screen full or lower).

The issue seems to only happen (or to be a lot worse) if the mouse cursor is over the VPN connection name - move the mouse to the "Disconnected" text to the right and it seems less of a problem (less in terms of fewer highlights added, those already there remain).

Starting fresh (i.e. without the historical highlights showing, put the mouse cursor over the right hand "disconnected" and just the left padlock gets messed-up but connection name stays ok. {Put mouse cursor over connection name at it goes bad - repeatably every time; faster scroll worse it gets).
Thanks for the reports, we're seeing the same thing. We're working on it, and should have it solved in the next beta update.

1.7b7 seems mostly better.

Still seeing minor issues with the left column padlock icon where it can get surrounded by a light solid fill circle which stays in place on the screen (i.e. list moved under it). Often a partial circle with a horizontal cut-off line part way through, one side as expected, other with the remains of the solid fill circle.

(I can't see any way to post a screen capture to illustrate, I can e-mail one if it would be useful - just request - I don't want to pester with e-mails if you are aware of it).
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