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How do I disable auto-reconnect?

I use viscosity to connect to my company's VPN server. If I'm connected on one computer and then try to connect from another computer the first connection is dropped and the second computer gets connected. But then, the first computer tries to reconnect and this causes the connection to the second computer to b dropped in favour of the first one. Naturally, the second computer tries to reconnect and takes the connection from the first one, and the cycle continues.

As it is, the only way I can prevent this from happening is to remember to disconnect from any computer I use and this has proven to be a big nuisance. From time to time I forget to disconnect on my home computer before getting out with my laptop and while outside, my laptop can't keep a steady connection because the computer at home keeps fighting for the connection. So, my question is this: Is there a way to prevent viscosity from trying to re-establish a connection after the connection is dropped?
Hi bardia,

Adding the command recommended in the following post will allow you to prevent reconnection attempts:

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