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Access Modem Diagnostics Page via VPN?


I have OpenVPN set up on my Synology DiskStation and am accessing it fine using Viscosity.

One of the things I want to do is to be able to access my Cable Modem's internal diagnostic page remotely. I have had situations where the internet goes down and power cycling the modem from the internal diagnostics page works to bring everything back up if I am away.

Unfortunately I am unable to access the page when connected to my VPN. The modem internal page is My VPN IP is 192.168.2.x

I am not a networking expert and wondering if there is something I can do in firewall or static routes to be able to access the modem's diagnostics page when I am connected into my network via VPN?

Thank you
Hi chicago29,

Try adding an additional route for the 192.168.1.x range (i.e. Route, Mask, Gateway Default) to the connection: ... connection

Thank you for the guidance. Unfortunately this did not work as I still am not able to reach the page at I am not sure if I was trying to set it up correctly, but I tried various combinations. I also don't know if it helps, but I have no other entries in the Routing table in Viscosity.
Hi chicago29,

Please ensure that "Allow clients to access server's LAN" is ticked under VPN Server -> OpenVPN on your DiskStation.

If it is or it's still not working, as a test edit your connection and go to Networking. Set All Traffic to Send all traffic over VPN connection, and set DNS -> Servers to then reconnect.

I assume you are having no issues accessing the DiskStation otherwise over your VPN?

Sorry for my late reply as I wasn't around to try this out. I wasn't sure if I needed to do both of these items from the two posts - the static route and the traffic/DNS setting.

I went ahead and just tried just the suggestions in the second post - Changed to "Send all traffic over VPN connection" and changed DNS Servers to This allowed me to hit the internal Modem Diagnostics page. Yayy!!

However, with these settings, I couldn't get to any other external websites (google, cnn, etc.). I seem only to be able to access internal network items.

To make this work where I could access INTERNAL and EXTERNAL/Web sites while connected to VPN, do I need to do the step from the first post (add the static route) and combine it with the second post?

Also, I checked the DiskStation VPNServer setting and I do have the box checked for "Allow clients to access server's LAN". That's always been checked.

Thank you for your continued help. At least I have a way to access the Modem Diagnostics now if I need to do so while not on my network!
Hi chicago29,

I'm afraid at this point I'm not sure. The routes aren't necessary if you want to send all traffic over your VPN connection, the send all traffic options removes the need for them. It sounds like either the synology itself or a router on your network is preventing external traffic from being routed from the VPN server.

You could try removing the VPN server from your diskstation and starting again as a first step - ... viscosity/

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