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Clearing all Connection Profiles

Is there any way, either through the bundling process or via applescript/bash to clear all current connections saved in Viscosity? I know the connections are saved in /Library/Application Support/Viscosity/OpenVPN but I thought I read somewhere else that its not recommended to manually edit connections this way because it could leave traces in Viscosity. What about just deleting them?

Also do you know why when I navigate to the exact same path in Automator instead of the MenuItems and OpenVPN folders I see this:


Thanks in advance.
Hi tinyrick02,

If you need to replace existing connections with the same name via bundling it's recommend to use the Connections-Overwrite folder. Connections can also be deleted by users by selecting them all in Viscosity's Preferences window and clicking the "-" button.

Connections can be removed directly from Viscosity's configuration file directory as long as Viscosity isn't running at the time. Based on your screenshot it appears you're looking at the wrong Library directory: macOS has a global Library folder on the system drive, and a Library folder in each user's home folder. Viscosity stores connections in the latter. This Library folder is hidden under macOS. To get to it you'll need to open the "Go" menu in the Finder while holding down the Option key on your keyboard and click the Library item. Your Library folder will open.

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